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Uniti - Unione Italiana Ittiosi - was founded in 2003 and is currently the only Italian association to deal with patients with ichthyosis.

It was born mainly with the aim of reaching and aggregating all the people affected by this rare skin condition.

The association provides psychological, social and legal support to patients with ichthyosis and their families; It promotes awareness initiatives and stimulates clinical, pharmacological and genetic research, either directly or through specialized or mass media.


Uniti has decided to promote and support the fundraising campaign launched by Comitato UFFI because it firmly believes in this experimental cure and already in June 2017 invited Prof. Traupe to the annual Conference of the association held in Turin to investigate its potential..

On that occasion the Professor had the opportunity to explain the essential features of his research, focusing on the practical implications and the relative costs of realization.

Associazione Uniti trusts in the research of Prof. Traupe and supports every initiative that can contribute to the achievement of this important goal.

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